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Inspire Endurance Coaching Triathlon Camps and Swim Clinics cater to varying levels. From Novice to our Advanced athletes, there is a camp or clinic for you!  All triathlon camps have various training options for participants to ensure you get the most out of your time with us. No matter what your athletic level, we enable professional training conditions at your pace.   

Canberra Swim Clinics

The Inspire Endurance Canberra Swim Clinic is designed for athletes, from novice to advanced  who seek to improve their swim technique. The clinics are run over two days and include theory, video analysis, corrective technique drills, testing and training methodologies. The clinic is designed to help athletes with improvements to stroke technique, individual tempo, and body position (overtime).  Clinics are usually run over the Autumn to Early Spring, with new clinics coming soon. If you prefer, we can offer individual 1-on-1 swim analysis sessions that cover the same content. If would like more information, please click below.

Triathlon Camps

We are back in 2022 with more triathlon camps in great locations!

Train on the highest peaks in Australia with a great team. Our Triathlon Camps cater to Intermediate and Advanced athletes. You'll swim in cool regional lakes, ride the mountain passes of Australia's Alpine Regions and run some of the most beautiful trails in Australia! Click on the links below to find out more about each of our camps.




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