Here at Inspire Endurance Coaching you are not treated as just another number. We spend time tailoring your program to specifically meet your training and racing needs. We are adaptable; these programs are not an off shelf, set and forget package;  we offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly programs that are adjusted by your coach as your life demands.  As such, we offer you a premium training package at very competitive rates.

NB: We have special introductory rates for all serving Australian Defence Force members; enquire today.

2023/24 Price List:

Online Program and Coaching:

  • Account Set up and Initial Analysis:                 $350

  • Monthly Fee (In Season-Racing):                       $220

  • Monthly Basic Novice Program:                         $170

One on One Sessions (1-2hr):
      • Current Inspire Athlete:                                           $20 
      • Other Athletes:                                                              $100

Swim Analysis and stroke correction:

  • Individual Swim Analysis (includes video):       $350

  • Swim Clinics (2 Days): Cost per athlete             $350

  • Follow up Group Session (per athlete)                $70

  • Follow up 1 on 1 Session                                               $100

Training Camps: 

  • On Demand - Costs listed on Camps page

  • Account set up costs include athlete initial assessment and analysis, setup and first monthly program.
  • All current ACT based Inspire Endurance athletes receive two 1-on-1 sessions per season free (excludes swim analysis).
  • Group Sessions requiring facilities hire will incur additional costs for all athletes. 
  • monthly program constitutes four (4) calendar weeks. Programs can be designed in 1, 2 or 4 week blocks. Invoices issued on monthly basis. 
  • Swim Analysis includes personally coached session, lane hire, capture of underwater, surface and aerial footage, full analysis report and 6 week followup assessment.


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