Swim Analysis & Swim Clinics

Inspire Endurance Coaching Swim Analysis & Swim Clinics cater to varying levels. From Novice to our Advanced athletes, there is a stroke correction or swim development program for all! No matter what your athletic level, we can provide professional swim analysis to improve your freestyle swim stroke.   

Swim Clinics

The Inspire Endurance Swim Analysis & Swim Clinics are designed for novice to advanced  athletes who seek to improve their swim technique. The clinics are run over two days and include theory, video analysis, corrective technique drills, testing and training methodologies. The clinic is designed to help athletes with improvements to stroke technique, individual tempo, and body position (overtime).  Clinics can be booked for small groups at anytime.  If you prefer, we can offer individual 1-on-1 swim analysis sessions that cover the similar content. If would like more information, please click below.

1 on 1 Swim Analysis

Understanding how your stroke/technique and body position affect your performance is essential to improving your swim. In your privately booked Swim Analysis Session we will film your stroke from various vantage points above and below the water. We will then analyse the footage to identify swim type and key parts of your stroke for improvement. We'll then provide you drills and techniques to help you develop and improve your specific areas for improvement.




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