Canberra Swim Clinics or Personal Swim Analysis Sessions

Do you swim endless laps with little improvement to your times every year?  Have you improved your strength and fitness, but your swim speed remains to be unchanged? Do you feel like you are out of breath, or anxious when you swim? Do your legs feel like the are dragging or sinking? Are you a good swimmer, but know you can be better?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, then the Inspire Endurance Canberra Swim Clinics or personal swim analysis sessions are for you. The two day clinic is designed to help you take that next step in your swimming whether you be a novice, or an age group champion, this clinic will help you improve your freestyle swim technique and performance.

What will you get from a 2 day swim clinic?

The 2 Day Swim clinic will:

  • Introduce you to Swim Types (Complete Survey)
  • Record video footage of your swim technique from four angles 
  • Analyse your footage, identifying swim type and personal drills to improve your swim
  • Conduct a group drill session with coach available to correct your position
  • Conduct a Critical Swim Speed (CSS) Test to determine your optimal threshold for application to future swim sets
  • Apply correctional drills and CSS threshold during a typical swim session.

What will you get from the Swim Clinic:

  • Video recording and analysis of your swim technique
  • Personal drills to apply to your swimming
  • Direct access to the coach for 2 days
  • Pool entry and facilities hire over both days
  • Inspire Endurance goodies bag

Location, Dates and Times


  • Lakeside Leisure Centre, Tuggeranong, ACT


  • Clinic 1:  28-27 July 2019
  • Clinic 2: 10-11 August 2019
  • Clinic 3:  21-22 September 2019
  • Book a personalised Swim Analysis at any time


  • Saturday  8am - 2pm
  • Sunday    8:30am - 1pm


  • $250 per person

Hurry spots are strictly limited!!! (Max 6 per Clinic)

Apply to attend a swim clinic or to have a personal swim analysis today! Click on the registration button below. We look forward to helping you to achieve your swim goals.

If you would like to know information before you commit to attending a Clinic or if you would like to enquire about a private swim analysis session, please send the Inspire Endurance Coach a message using the form below.

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Thank you for your application, we'll confirm your position on our 2 Day Swim Clinic shortly


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